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Your days out of town are filled with long business meetings that leave you drained of energy and anxious for some peace and quiet. You check into your hotel, but it isn't just any's a luxe hotel that has partnered with Adams Luxe concierge service. Now, the enjoyment truly begins.

Your personal butler asks if you'd like a massage. And what kind of wine will you have with dinner, and whether your suit needs dry cleaning before tomorrow, and if you'd like a glass of cognac after your meal, and whether “Fido” needs a bath before flying home. These are just some of the unique features you'll enjoy at one of our partnered luxe hotels.

A luxe hotel has many distinguishing characteristics. There is sometimes confusion about just what they are, and how they differ from boutique hotels.

The very term “luxe” is a French word, spelled and pronounced the same way, meaning literally “wealth and indulgence.” The Latin form of the word luxe is luxus and means luxury or excess. Luxe or luxury was once associated with sensual meanings and terms, but no more; today luxe hotels aren't just in vogue, they are the choice for many discerning travelers.

A luxe hotel offers guests an experience that is markedly different than other accommodations, and at Adams Luxe, we can pair you with just the right one. Luxe hotels share some common traits with boutique hotels: They offer personalized experiences, menus are usually gourmet, and often have curated diet options, such as gluten and dairy free choices. They are in urban environments, which means that business, cultural and recreational opportunities are at your doorstep. They are designed in a chic, contemporary fashion with modern art and often a themed decor. Many even have a “pets are welcome” policy, so Fido or Frankie are welcome to travel with you.

Adams Luxe, the premier luxury concierge service in the country, is partnered with many of the finest luxe hotels around the world. We can organize your stay at the place that's best for you, one that has all the features you need to make your trip comfortable, exciting and fulfilling. Here is just a sample of some of the luxe hotels on our radar this year:

  • The Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Thailand has 60 guest “pavilions” -- they don't use the term “room,” or even “suite.” Each one comes with a private butler, a service that is becoming more common in luxury boutique hotels around the world.

  • Monastero Santa Rosa has just 20 rooms; it's located on Italy's Amalfi Coast. As its name implies, it was once a nunnery.

  • Inn of The Five Graces is in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the United States, in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Each of its 24 suites is filled with antiques, and the carpets are sourced from India and Morocco.

  • Saint James Paris has been chosen as the City of Light's best boutique hotel for 2019. Its architecture is like that of a chateau, and its decor mixes modern with centuries-old antiques. Furthermore, it has a Michelin-starred restaurant within its confines, so guests can enjoy a memorable meal while on the premises.

These are just a few of the incredible luxe hotels Adams Luxe is ready to book you into for your next business trip or holiday. And while you are enjoying your stay, we can get tickets to any sports event, cultural happening, or concert you have on your itinerary. We do it all for you; just pack a suitcase, tuck your passport into your purse or pocket, and let us take care of the rest. Our partners are insured, discreet, and professional. We offer the best luxury concierge services in America. If you want a first class experience at a top notch luxe hotel, we will make it happen.

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