Tame the Beast: Organize Your Master Closet

Many master closets are so overrun with clothing, shoes, belts, coats, and accessories, that your heart may palpitate upon walking into it. There's so many items crammed into that space that you may struggle and waste precious time (sometimes 30 minutes or more) attempting to select an oufit for work or a leisure activity. The reality is that even most well-designed closet systems can and often do have organizational issues.

While I could sit here and give you a long list of suggestions for how to best organize your closet, I've chosen to share two quick features that are super easy to implement: proper hangers and shower curtain hooks. That's right, these two items can make a world of difference in your closet!

Think about how many times you've opened your closet door to see shirts on the floor or halfway off a hanger. This would not happen if you were using the proper type of hanger for those clothing items. We reccommend that you invest in good quality hangers including premium quality slim velvet hangers and cascading slim velvet hangers. Premium Quality Slim Velvet Hangers give your closet a sleek, minimalistic look and feel, and can be purchased in large quantities of 30-100 pieces for less than $30 on Amazon. The shape and the texture of these hanglers helps keep clothes from slipping off and stretching out of shape. They work well for most clothing items and are so slim that you can hang several items close together. Cascading Slim Velvet Hangers work great for pants, jeans, or skirts, allowing them to stay resist wrinkles because they hang at their full length.

Another way to maximize your space is to use shower curtain hooks or S hooks. That right, I said shower curtain hooks or S hooks. These small nifty hooks are an easy and inexpensive way of making the most of your space without sacrificing durability or style. They are available in a vareity of colors, shapes, and styles and can be used to hang jeans, belts, purses, scarves, hats, etc.

Need someone to pick up new hangers, shower curtain hooks, and clear storage bins? Do you want someone to come in and tame that beast of a closet for you? Adams Luxe is here for you! Contact us today.

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